Sunday, April 17, 2022

Galaxy of Terror 1981 Movie Review

 "There is no horror here that we don't create ourselves."

Galaxy of Terror VHS

Ok so it has shades of Alien, but with James Cameron as 2nd unit director and Production Designer, I'm ok with that. This one takes a while off, but greatly improved my mood as it went along...

*soft spoilers* There's a blue-haired Grace Zabriskie (I loved her as The Crone in Charmed among many other things); a baby-faced Robert Englund on the precipice of horror legendry; wise ol Mr.Hand (Ray Walston), a handsome and spry Sid Haig tragically playing a mostly-silent badass--who gives new meaning to dying by his own hand. And little Joanie Cunningham (Erin Moran of Happy Days) as a verified Space-Psychic-Sensitive that loses her head.

All this plus lots of fun (Alec Gillis) creature effects and even an existential lesson too. Long live Roger Corman!

Update: While searching for an acceptable image of the hilariously awesome cover (before using my own VHS copy, above) I found THIS:

Galaxy Of Terror OST

Being that I am in the horror soundtrack community, I cannot believe this one snuck past me but there it is. Released in 2018 by Pure Destructive Records, it looks to be an elusive one...

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